About FCSS

Over the last several years, there has been an increased demand for transcription services. Often clients will realize that meetings and presentations are so important and the participation of the attendees so valuable that the speech must be captured and then transcribed. In addition, clients are able to share salient points with those who were unable to attend and zero in on issues that were covered that might otherwise be forgotten. Productivity is enhanced and points of interest are never misrepresented.

Our company specializes in transcription services in a variety of formats. We have transcription equipment to handle projects in digital and tape format — both micro and standard cassette tapes. New digital technology has allowed companies to email or upload audio, allowing a faster turnaround in services and avoiding the potential hazards of dealing with tapes and eliminating the costs of shipping them.

It makes a lot of sense for companies to outsource transcription projects. Far more cost effective than paying your employees to become trained in the fine points of transcribing, then paying for insurance, benefits and vacation pay, not to mention the costs of equipment and software, outsourcing ensures that the job is done professionally and on time. Our transcriptionists are not taking up valuable real estate in your offices either. We staff according to the job’s specifications, so you don’t have to.

Let us transcribe your audio and realize these benefits:

  • We work on our equipment in our office.
  • We train our transcriptionists on our time and you pay an hourly rate, never for downtime.
  • You eliminate the cost of benefits and taxes, vacations and absenteeism.

All of our employees are:

  • Highly skilled in the English language – we never use foreign typists!
  • Knowledgeable of the rules of grammar
  • Computer experts
  • Familiar with your industry and understand the imperative for confidentiality